In 1999, designer Judy Kameon of Elysian Landscapes and photographer Erik Otsea launched their outdoor furniture collection Plain Air. At the time, Judy couldn’t find stylish and comfortable modern furniture for her clients, so she and husband Erik decided to design and manufacture their own line. 

Mutually inspired by bold colors, clean forms and vibrant materials, Judy and Erik set out to make pieces that they wanted to live with in their own garden, convinced that others would share their enthusiasm and aesthetic. Over the years, the two have expanded the line into a full collection and teamed up on countless residential projects, in addition to designing unique pieces for The Standard Hotel in Hollywood and the Parker in Palm Springs.  

Their first publication, Gardens Are For Living (2014 Rizzoli), is an exploration and celebration of the idea that gardens should be spaces that invite gathering, entertaining, and relaxation—a place where you can significantly enhance your surroundings and create opportunities for meaningful experiences.  

Judy and Erik’s continued work together is a reflection of their California roots and the shared belief that life is best lived spending time in the garden with good food, drink, family, friends and of course, furniture.

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